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What We Do

Making the world just a little bit better

We are dedicating our hearts and time to helping children and women in Loitokitok in Kenya - and one day hopefully all around the world - in using their rights as individuals in this society. We believe that no child should be deprived of their right to education and that every woman should be able to make her very own life choices. In everything we do we aim at working as sustainably as we can. We are a growing team of people just as diverse as we want this world to be. Officially founded on February 1, 2020 we are now looking into a strong future.

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1. Enabling Education for Children

It is unfortunate and hard to believe that in this day and age many children still cannot attend school. This is especially due to the lack of awareness of the importance of education and financial means. Luckily, these are things that we can tackle and are working on. We visit families and talk to parents to offer them support in getting their children the education they deserve. Our aim is to find sponsors who will fund monthly school fees for those kids and in return receive updates about and letters from their sponsees.


2. Creating a Safe Space for Women

There are still girls and young women in this world who are forced into female genital mutilation (FGM) and early marriage, which we find atrocious. Women who try to escape this process often become social outcasts, some are even chased away by their own families. We want to create a safe place for these women where they can be themselves and free: Women’s groups will be established to give potential outcasts a new social group and to come up with individual plans for the future of these girls and women.

Women are strong, and together they are even stronger – against FGM, against forced marriage, and for their rights and freedom!


3. Supporting the Sustainable Cause

Not only are we aiming at being as sustainable as possible in everything that we do, ie in reusing plastic waste in the areas of the families and women we support. We also organize sustainable projects and events here in Germany, such as clothing swap parties, with the aim to raise awareness and money to further fund our sponsees and projects.

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A sponsorship will enable children to receive the education they deserve and need.


With only twenty Euros monthly, your sponsored child will be able to attend the Alpha Blessed Vision School and receive a warm meal every school day. You will not only welcome a new person into your life by becoming their sponsor but also be their pen pal, someone this individual child can turn to. Introduce them to your world and learn about theirs. Be part of this kid’s life, forever knowing that you made it possible for them to go to school. You will also receive regular pictures and updates on your kid and their school life.


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How You Can Help





Become part of the movement and make us stronger: follow us on Instagram and Facebook

Visit our events - or actively participate

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Change the world for one kid.

Twenty Euros a month don't only allow your kid to attend Alpha Blessed Vision School and eat breakfast and lunch there. They help a whole family and introduce a new person with photos and letters from Kenya into your life.





Tell everyone about us and our mission, about our social media accounts, the events and the sponsorship program. Spread the word, because together we are strong.

Join the team! Tell us about your ideas or attend one of our open team meetings every first Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. We currently meet at our virtual meeting room:


No need to sign up, just drop in.

Welcome to the team!

Your donation helps us help others. You can use PayPal or our bank account below to donate money or you can directly buy daily life items for our kids in our little shop and soon after browse through the pictures of the dilevery to the kids.

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