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Emma & Anton

Who are Emma and Anton?


Emma is a first-grade student at the Alpha Blessed Vision School. She is also the daughter of one of the school‘s pre-primary teachers. We met Emma in the schoolyard and Sina fell in love with her on the spot. She carried her around all day and little Emma was the only kid who got to attend the grown-up meetings with the principal, where she made it almost impossible for Sina to concentrate on those important things grown-ups talk about. It probably goes without saying that Sina became Emma‘s sponsor.


Anton was the first boy we met outside the school, while other kids were studying in class. Anton‘s mom hadn‘t been able to pay the school fees in a long time, so Anton couldn‘t attend classes any longer. Then his mentally ill mom disappeared and Anton‘s HIV positive old grandma took him in. He still couldn‘t go to school and his grandma wasn‘t able to provide daily food for him. All of this deeply touched our hearts. Mo became Anton‘s sponsor and Anton went back to school at the end of 2019. 


Emma and Anton were the first kids in our sponsorship program – long before that became more than just a dream. They gave our organization its name.

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